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A visual identity for a brewery


At Berghs School of Communication, my class was given the brief to find the visual identity for a fictonal and newly opened family-owned brewery.

The brewery was stationed in Skellefteå in northern Sweden, had a long history of hand-crafting beverages, and was planning to release a new product the following year. The target audience for the product was women and men living in bigger cities, aged between 20 and 40.

Working in pairs, my group decided on the approach to keep the history and tradition in the identity while making it feel new and modern with an industrial touch. We decided the new product would be a seasonal beer, specificially for easter, because we felt there was room in the market for a new product there.

Our idea for reaching out was a campaign, where some of the staff would be on tour throughout the country, visiting bars and restaurant, to introduce the beer and have a dialogue directly with the audience. By being presence and having an immediate contact with the market it would be easy to pick up any feedback.

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